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Founded in 1831, forged in the fires of....just kidding, but seriously, we were founded once. On some date in the past, in the land of Red, White and "Holy sh!t, that was awesome!", owner and CEO Cody Kellum created apparel that not only would be of the highest quality, but also proven to help you shotgun beer faster, jump higher, hit it harder, and make better bad decisions than any other brand. We are an apparel brand for the adrenaline main liners, the rugged, the bold, the "We will cross that bridge when we get there" warriors. Although originally created for the rodeo enthusiast, after a vast number of people outside the rodeo world wanted to represent the brand and what we stand for, Rugged Apparel Co. was born! Now worn by athletes in rodeo, motocross, wake boarding, the real MVP's overseas fighting for freedom, outdoorsman, and Ron Burgandy himself! We strive to create awesome apparel that will withstand the hard knocks of everyday wear and tear. 

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